Thursday, June 3, 2010

Raising Homemakers

I am so excited about the new Raising Homemakers blog! My heart's greatest desire as far as raising our two beautiful daughters is to train them in the things they will need to know as future wives, mothers, and keepers of their homes. I'm not ashamed to admit that there are still a lot of things *I* need to learn in these areas as well and I can't wait to dive into all that comes from all the contributors at Raising Homemakers!

Here is a quote from the blog...

"We are so excited about coming together to learn, grow, encourage, teach, and journey together on the path of raising homemakers to the glory of God."

Sounds like a fun, exciting, and worthy journey and I look forward to learning and growing as well as joining others in the raising and training of our daughters God has entrusted us with.

Check it out as soon as you get a chance! It looks to be a wonderful blessing.

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