Thursday, January 16, 2014

Changes To Our Homeschool

Since the last time I regularly blogged, the look of our homeschooling has changed. We now have three children being homeschooled and one in public school. There are so many different emotions that have been going on inside of me for several months since this change has occurred, but I'll save that for another post at another time.

Our oldest is still home and is now a senior in high school. She'll turn 18 in April and we will celebrate 12 years of watching her grow and learn at home at her graduation in May. My goodness, how our lives are but a fleeting moment. How can our baby be old enough to be making plans for college?! Wasn't she just learning to multiply and divide?!

Our second oldest is now in public school. He's in 8th grade and this was a decision much prayed over, although I'm still not sure we have done the right thing or not. (Again, another post for another day.) The ONLY reason he is going to school is so he can play football, a great love of his. (Although 24 other states have passed some form of a Tim Tebow bill where homeschooled kids can join public school sports teams, if you live in the state of Kentucky the only way you can play is to enroll in public school.) It seems he has been blessed with some talent in the area of football and although school had already started by the time he got signed up to go, the very first day he was at football practice they put him in at quarterback and that's where he stayed.

Our second son is currently in 7th grade and I'm afraid I may also lose him to public school next year as well because he desperately wants to get back to playing football also. I'm pretty sure, if he decides to go, this son will decide that public school and all that comes with it simply isn't worth it just to play football but, I could be wrong. But mommas know their kids and I just have a hunch he isn't going to feel as strongly about football as he thinks he does right now.

And then our youngest, our 'baby', is 12 and in 6th grade. Unless God hits me over the head with a hammer and makes it abundantly clear she is to go to school at some point, she will be with me for the next six years and graduate from homeschooling just like her sister. That thought makes me very happy!

I always try to see the positive in every situation. Make no bones about it, it's my dream to homeschool ALL our children through high school, that was always the plan in my mind as well as in my heart, but for now we are in a different season of life. I don't know exactly what the Lord has planned for each of our children, but at least I can blog with knowledge about both sides of the coin, homeschooling and public schooling, and believe me, I plan on doing just that. I may have to be careful and sensor what I say on Facebook (several public school parents there that I don't want to offend), but here on my personal blog I will inform you guys of anything I feel needs to be shared regarding public school education because I know I'm not the only one facing this kind of situation. Even if you don't have children in public school and never plan to, I dare say most of us have nieces, nephews, friends' children, possibly even grandchildren in the public school setting and it's important we're informed of exactly what's going on and what's being taught to children. Regardless, today's children are our future leaders! God help us, literally, if we're not informed and involved!

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