Friday, December 3, 2010

Fran's Quilts are Almost Done!

There are no words.  They are just absolutely the most beautiful quilts I have ever seen.  I know Fran would be so proud of her FIAR sisters for the love they have shown for her precious family.

They are almost finished, only lacking the binding around the edges, which should be finished within the next few days.  But I couldn't wait to show you how amazing they look!  The precious lady, Sharon, who did the actual quilting went far above and beyond anything I could have ever imagined.  What a blessing God sent us when He sent us her!  Between her and Mary Lou, who pieced all the squares together to make the beautiful design of the quilts (and whom I know God sent to us also... remember those 700+ books I bought this summer?  They were from Mary Lou, whom I had never met before, and before Fran even passed away), I have decided that I want to learn how to quilt.  Not someday.  Today.  What a beautiful thing to be able to do.

So, without further ado, I will let the pictures speak for themselves.  Look closely and notice all the details in the quilting.  Even though I tried to help you see how beautiful they are I realize it's nothing like being able to actual touch them.  I just hope you can 'feel' them through these pictures.  I took a lot, so enjoy.  As soon as the bindings are on I will post more pictures of the final results.

Ed's quilt

Emma's quilt

Eden's quilt

Love the stars she quilted.  Very fitting.

Notice the hearts?

Waves quilted in the water.

Again, the hearts just make this square.

Love this!

Hearts for Madeline.

Love the 'fern' pattern she did here.

I love the backs of the quilts almost as much as I do the fronts!

She did something very special to this square.  Can you see it?

Hearts again.  Love it.

Mary Lou added this square because we were short one.  I LOVE it.  The colors are amazing!

Love the swirls!


Notice the 'LOVE'?

See the cross in between the two hearts?

The back of the 'special' square I mentioned above.  Can you see it?

Isn't this gorgeous?!


The back of the bee hive (The Bee Tree).


Mary Lou Casada said...

I knew Sharon was good, but I had no idea HOW good...I can't wait to see them in person!!! Thanks for posting them!
Mary Lou

Julie said...

Wow! I'm speechless. They are beyond beautiful. Such a thoughtful gift!

Jennifer said...

That is awesome work! I still couldn't "see" the special square. Please send a blind women an email. Thanks!!! (

Melissa said...

Those are all beautiful, but I've never seen such thoughtful quilting. I'm amazed!

Sarah in FL said...

Simply amazing! Such a blessing. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

These are just amazingly done. I've never seen anything done with such skill and love. Theresa

Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful!!!! She sure added more than just binding it.

I want to hear more about your 700 books story...did you get some incredible bargain?