Monday, September 27, 2010

Awesome Tool, Especially for Bloggers!

I've been blogging for several years and now that I am also doing homeschool product reviews for The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Crew...

...I tend to use several pictures in my blog posts.  It's really not a big deal to find a picture to use, right click on it, click 'Save Picture As...', title the picture, save it, then go find it when I'm ready to use it.  It's what I've been doing for years.

However, there have been so many times over the years when I would want to show a portion of a particular website that wasn't actually a picture that I could save to my computer...

(This is what my home page header looks like.)
 ...or when I was giving instructions about a website or trying to explain something regarding a product but had to simply try to express what I was trying to say with words when it would have been so much easier if I could simply show my readers a picture.  For example...

("Look dad, it's easy. You simply go to the website and where you see this, fill in your information and click 'Sign Up'")
 Talk about frustrating.  Many times I remember saying, "If I could just take a picture of this screen and then show it to my readers (or my dad whom I've helped learn his way around a computer via long-distance telephone calls) it would be a lot easier!"

Well friends, I am happy to tell you that someone finally got smart and figured out how to do just that!  A few weeks ago I was contacted by someone at Digeus Software asking me to review their product, SnapIt Screen Capture.  Now, to be completely honest with you I was a little leery at first.  I have received these offers before but have not been interested in reviewing any of the products.  Oh I'll check them out to see exactly what it is they have to offer, but so far I've actually been more afraid of my computer contracting some kind of virus from these unknown websites than what they are offering me!

When I was asked to review SnapIt I asked my husband, my super intelligent computer tech, to check it out to see if he thought it was legit.  He did and gave me the go-ahead.  So for the past two weeks I have been using SnapIt every chance I get and I have to say I LOVE it!  I have used it here on my blog while doing reviews as well as on some of my Facebook posts.  It is so fun to be able to capture whatever I want from any website, or even from my desktop, and share it with my friends.

And, one of the very best things about SnapIt Screen Capture is that it is very easy to use.  Once you download the software to your computer you simply turn it on and when you see something you want to capture you press your 'PrtSc' button and SnapIt is activated.  You will see a big + on your screen and you simply use that to place a box around whatever it is you want to capture.  Not only can you capture images from websites, but this was captured from the email I received from Digeus...

You can even turn on an 'auto save' option and each image you capture will be automatically saved wherever you told it to save it!  How easy is that?  Simply turn on SnapIt, tap 'PrtSc', put the box around the image you want to capture, and that's it!  Now it's ready for you to use wherever you need it!

But don't take just my word for it, just look at the awards and certificates of quality SnapIt has received!  In my honest-to-goodness opinion I wouldn't think twice about paying $17.99 for this software.  It has made my blogging and reviews so much more fun and easy, not to mention more professional looking!

Interested?  I bet all my fellow Homeschool Crew reviewers are!  Well here's the best news of all.  If you would like to try SnapIt Screen Capture for yourself you can download a free 14-day trial here and if you type up your own review via your blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc. you can receive the full version for FREE!  Simply contact Julia Taylor at Digeus with the link to your review and she will take care of the rest!  Be sure to tell her you learned about SnapIt from me, Christy Mitchell, at Training Hearts at Home.

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