Tuesday, August 10, 2010

More Quilt Squares, Again

Here are the lastest quilt squares for Fran's family's quilts.  We're so close to being able to start piecing them together!  I can't wait! 

This first one is from Robin in Colorado and represents the FIAR book, Storm in the Night, one of my favorite books.

These next three are from Rachel.  This first one represents the FIAR book, Miss Rumphius, which has always been one of our favorites to read!

Isn't this creative?!  Can you tell that the flowers are seperate material, shaped into flowers and then added to the square?  Very cute!

Awww... sniff sniff.  Fran & Ed forever.

And the next three are from Anjie in PA.  This one is for Ed's quilt.  I love the pink and brown together, and the breast cancer ribbon is such a gentle touch.  Love it.

And this one is for Emma's.  I've got to learn how to piece material together like this!

And this one is for Eden's quilt.  (Pink is my absolute FAVORITE color, so I'm really loving this one!)

And these last three were made by Rachelmn.  This picture simply doesn't do this square justice.  It is so much prettier in real-life.  This one is for Ed's quilt.

This one, for Emma's quilt, represents the FIAR book, The Rag Coat, which, coincidentally, has a little girl who loses a parent.  Sadly, a very fitting story for this quilt square.  I wish you could feel the different textures of the dress.  Awesome job Rachel!

And for Eden's quilt.  This one also has different textures to it as well.  And pink!

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