Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Productive Day

(This picture is for my fellow FIAR gals.)

Look! See my microwave? And that crockpot... it has a nice yummy, juicy roast in it just waiting for my Sweetie Pie when he gets home from work, which I will happily and lovingly serve him as he unwinds from a long, hard day!


Tricia said...

I didn't read the entire post Christy, but I must say...Well Done!

Serving our husbands, even when we feel they don't deserve it, I think, makes not only our husbands happy, it makes our Heavenly Father happy.

Good Job friend!

PresleyFamily said...

YAY Christy,

Doesn't it feel great!! He will surely be blessed this evening. And, of course, YOU will, too!!!

Hope you guys had a wonderful evening together!

Christi in VA