Friday, December 12, 2008

Our First Experience with Lapbooks

(One of the cool things about homeschooling...
you can wear your sunglasses to class!)

Since I'm playing catch-up with my blog posts, I wanted to share our very first lapbooks. Wait a minute... no. First we did a Christopher Columbus one, then this one. I must have forgotten to take pictures of those! Shock! I'll have to do that and share them later.

Anyway, these are our Presidential Election lapbooks I bought from Five in a Row. This was my first time purchasing anything from the FIAR digital store, and when I first looked it over after downloading it I was a bit surprised. It didn't seem like there was a lot there. But I was quickly proven wrong. Just like the FIAR lessons, you can either add to it or leave some out to make it just perfect for your children!

With this study we learned SO MUCH... the Primaries and how they work, the electoral college and why each state has a certain number of electors, how the election is won by winning states with the most electoral votes, we learned about each of the two candidates, what Republicans and Democrats typically stand for, the job of the president, we colored maps to see how each candidate became their respective party's representative (which states each of those running won in the primaries), and so much more. We then colored maps the night of the election as each state was called.

If you ever get the chance, I highly recommend purchasing some of Jane's Fold & Learn studies. They are well worth it!

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