Friday, March 3, 2006

How You Can Help Missey Gray's Family

Although I never met Missey Gray face-to-face, I knew her through the Five In A Row boards we were both members of as well as a Yahoo group she started called the RAKmoms, where moms could bless other moms with things they wanted to simply give away free of charge to those who could use them.

The RAKmoms, also known as 'Random Acts of Kindness' must portray what the real Missey Gray was really like. Someone who took the time to care about others and bless them through random acts of kindness. Through reading her many helpful post on her Basically Beechick site that is FULL of helpful homeschooling information and knowing her through the FIAR boards and RAK group, I have come to know and love Missey and her family. Although I am happy for my sister in Christ who now sits where I so long to be, at the feet of our Lord and Saviour, my heart is breaking for those she left behind, especially her children and her husband.

The family had no life insurance on Missey, so if you would like to help financially you may do so here , or, you can simply log onto Pay Pal and send money to . This has been set up by a dear friend of Missey's and every penny will go to helping the family with funeral and burial expenses.

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