Monday, December 19, 2005

Our First Try At Making A No-Sew Fleece Blanket...

Our First Try At Making A No-Sew Fleece Blanket...

I have a beautiful story to tell you.

My hubby's great grandmother made each of her great-grandchildren a baby quilt when they were 'on-the-way'. We have four baby blankets, one she made my oldest daughter to fit her twin size bed when she was about 3 with a matching pillow, and a big quilt she made for us when we got married.

She is now in a nursing home and no longer able to do much. In fact, the last time I saw her she kept repeating the same questions over and over, asking for family that wasn't there and even for one that had died years earlier.

We were telling the kids about their blankets the other day when one of their cousins came over to spend the night and he brought his blanket from great-granny. Since then, none of our little ones have put their blankets down. They sleep with them every night and carry them around throughout the day.

Soon after telling them about great-granny our 6 year old son came to me and asked if he could buy her a ring. I told him that was very sweet and thoughtful of him, but great-granny can't wear jewelry anymore. He then asked me if we could make her a blanket like she had made us. He even had tears in his eyes. What a tender heart that little guy has.

So, we made our first 'no-sew' fleece blanket today (since we don't own a sewing machine... boo hoo... and so everyone could help make it). The kids picked out the two pieces of fleece we used. They said the yellow would bring her a little sunshine each day. *sniff sniff*

We were going to take it to her tonight because a group from our church is going there to sing Christmas carols to the residents, but we have two sickies... one being daddy! So we have decided to go later in the week, hopefully before Christmas.

Here's a picture of how it turned out. I'll post more when we actually get to take it to her.

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